Matthew Parr is a local resident in Hartsholme Ward and campaigns all year round for positive change. Matt is your Green Party candidate for this area.

Our Green Campaign in 2019, and beyond.

Hello! The local party has been actively campaigning in Hartsholme ward of the Lincoln City Council for over 3 years now, we have delivered numerous leaflets to households in the area and in the neighbouring streets. Maybe you’ve seen them, if not there are copies on this blog.

Get to know your local candidate Matt:

“I’m Matthew Parr, I have been involved in environmental and ecological improvements over the last 20 years. I have always had an interest in conservation and wildlife growing up and
have worked in the voluntary sector as well as the civil service helping to protect and improve valuable habitats for both people and wildlife.

I moved from Hampshire to my adopted home of Lincolnshire seven years ago to work on improving river environments for both wildlife and flood reduction and haven’t looked back.
Whilst I might miss the rolling chalk downs and chalk streams of Hampshire and Wiltshire the beauty of Lincoln and Lincolnshire is the variety that the area offers. Fantastic coast lines featuring sand dunes and seals, the Wolds where I can get a taste of our local chalk streams, the stunning rivers like the Witham that hold a wide range of different fish species I feel blessed to live in such a diverse rural area.

I have carried out a variety of river habitat improvement projects on the River Witham, as well as local streams to Lincoln at Dunston, Branston, Nettleham and Welton. I am currently assisting delivery of an urban river regeneration project at Grantham and Sleaford with plans afoot to improve the Brayford Pool. I regularly volunteer for conservation bodies and live with my wife, three children, dog, pet fish and frog. I back onto Swanholme lakes and am always amazed by the sheer variety of wildlife to be found in an oasis surrounded by people. I feel that we are fantastically lucky to have as many green spaces locally and would strongly oppose building on existing flood plains and green corridors like the proposed Western Growth Corridor.

I would like to represent my local community in putting green issues on the agenda to improve and protect what we have as well as addressing the many local community issues in the area.

Enough about me what can I do for you? Come and have a chat and let me know what you feel needs addressing. “

Email: greenpartylincoln@gmail.com and mark your message for Matthew Parr.