A walk along Catchwater Drain

There is a public right of way off Tritton Road, by the side of Farmfoods, along Catchwater Drain. As you walk west, you can see the land where housing is planned on the Western Growth Corridor.

Valentine Court, student accommodation
Facing West, with your back to Tritton Road. Catchwater Drain on the right. This is the back of Valentine Court,student accommodation.
Follow the path. There is no signage, but it is a right of way.
Cross the railway line. The crossing is on a bend, so look carefully both ways before crossing.
Once over the railways, the path is more attractive.
Catchwater Drain on the right.
This obstruction should not be there. Duck under it and carry on.
Part of the site where building is planned.
A fork in the drain.
If you cross Catchwater Dyke you can walk round Boultham Mere Wetland Reserve. This whole area is low-lying. A natural reservoir.